Rus' 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo
The history of my love-hate relationship with this car
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The Drive

MR2 Videos

Here are some MR2 videos I've found floating about the Internet. Send me yours.
Right click these and choose Save Target As... to save the video on your computer.

Pagoda Hill Climb by Mark Shellhamer, 1:53, 3.2Mb
Fabio's crash at the Pagoda in 2002 (from in car camera WOW), 1:27, 15Mb
Donington racetrack Dec. 7, 2002 (Revision 6), 4:01, 24Mb
The Drive (MR2-NW Regional Meet, May 12, 2001), 4:43, 59Mb
MR2 wreck in parking lot (?!?), 1:01, 4.2Mb
MR2 vs. Impreza on strip, 0:27, 3.3Mb
MR2 vs. Integra on strip, 0:27, 3.4Mb
MR2 vs. RX-7 on strip, 0:25, 2.9Mb
MR2 pylon skidpad, 0:14, 1.5Mb
MR2 promo (exterior), 0:40, 1.6Mb
MR2 promo (interior), 0:30, 1.4Mb
MR2 promo (performance), 0:46, 2.0Mb
Havoline commercial, 0:22, 10Mb

0-60 And Quarter Mile Times

These times were gathered around the Internet. Pretty fun to load in Excel and play with. If you send me links to reputable sources I'll add the new times.

0-60_and_Quarter_Mile_Times.txt (54K tab delimited)

December 2005 - February 2006 - Bad Mechanic Experience

I haven't updated the site in a while because my car hasn't been running much. The mechanic that did the head gasket replacement was TERRIBLE.

Mark Enos at Toyota Techs in Fort Mill, SC should be avoided at all costs.

Read the story here

November 2005 - G-Tech Run - Blown Head Gasket - More JDM Engine Advice

Finally got to do a G-Tech run with the new turbo and put down a 13.2 second quarter mile. That's cool.

What isn't cool is my head gasket is blown. I knew my cooling system had problems because my coolant was nasty looking and I kept having leaks. After fixing the leaks and replacing the coolant, it still looked nasty. And the coolant kept boiling out the overflow after running hard. Putting 2 and 2 together = blown head gasket.

Under boost, the exhaust gases from the explosion would be forced through the head gasket into the cooling system. When the cooling system fills up with exhaust gases, where does it go? Out the overflow. It also turns a nasty brown, rust color.

So here's some additional advice if you swap your motor- change the head gasket before the engine goes in the car. It's much cheaper then than later.

October 2005 - Fender Repaired - New GReddy Turbo - New Water Bypass...

Don finally got my fender fixed. I think he had it 2 months at least. I had plenty of time to save my lunch money for a new turbo... Hmm, which to buy? The choices within my budget were-
  • Rebuild the modified CT26 for $650 (East Coast Turbo outside Charlotte)
  • Get a CT27 from ATS Racing for $850 (w/ core)
  • Get a GReddy TD06 for around $1,500
With a little help from Stacy, my wife, I went with the GReddy. Woohoo, another turbo swap. Suffice to say this one went a bit smoother than the last! I removed the XS Power downpipe since the GReddy kit comes with a downpipe.

The job took about as long as the last because I replaced a bunch of water pipes. I replaced the water bypass pipe, which is several metal pipes that run under the exhaust manifold. I replaced the HFH. I replaced several other hard-to-get-to hoses as well.

The TD06 is not water cooled, btw. So I eliminated two water hoses and cleaned up a bunch more. I also eliminated several vacuum hoses that went to the CT26. The engine bay is less crowded than ever.


Fall 2005 - Bucking And Turbo Failure

More and more oil seems to be in my intake plumbing. My cone air filter is soaked with it.

I vented my PCV to the atmosphere to make sure it wasn't that (it wasn't). I messed with my blow off valve to make sure it wasn't that (it wasn't). I did put the VTV on backwards after removing it to check it. Oops.

Never put your VTV on backwards. The car will buck violently when boosting. In retrospect I'm sure this was the final demise of the turbo oil seals. This is also probably why the GReddy IC didn't show any HP gains; the turbo was already on its last leg.

June 2005 - Stainless Downpipe - Coolant Problems

I had an itch and bought a downpipe. It's an XS Power downpipe purchased from SS Autochrome. It sure is pretty but the fitment was terrible!

You have to remove several of the studs on the CT-26 and one took me forever. Furthermore, make sure you have an assortment of wrenches to tighten it to the turbo because some of the bolt heads do not allow enough room to put a socket on. Oh, and there's a sizable threaded hole on the downpipe and it doesn't come with a blocker nut.

Also have had some coolant problems. Several of my hoses have failed and a nipple broke off my water bypass pipe. Fortunately I was able to file off the remainder of the nipple, slip the hose up over the hole, and put a 'T' in the line. My coolant looks terrible and I don't think any of the previous owners ever flushed the cooling system.

Spring 2005 - Wrecked

Sorry, no pictures of my faux pas. Actually I thought I had taken one but can't find it. I dented up the passenger side fender and my neighbor Don has been so booked up he hasn't been able to repair it yet.

On a lighter note, here's a picture from the winter when we got a little snow.

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